Prices and Services


Let us Help you make your 'Perfect Tree' perfect

Sometimes your Perfect Tree needs some accessories.
Want to make it snowy white or does it need fire protection for you building?
Does it need assistance standing? We have a few different stand options.
We also have netting available to help get your Perfect Tree home.



  • Fresh Cut
  • Hole Drilled
  • Base Cut Even (Squared Off)


Tree Shaking and Netting

  • Tree Shaking is where we take your 'Perfect Tree' and place it in our shaking machine. This assists in getting any loose needles, leaves, and any other various things of nature.
  • Tree Netting is where we apply a net around your tree to keep it nice and snug to help with transportation and getting the tree in it's new home.


Silveyville has a few different stand options, which all come with water pans.
We won't place a stand on a tree without a water pan.
All these stands vary in price depending on the size of your perfect tree.

  • Disposable Wood Stands - These stands are a single use stand, built with 2x4 or 2x6 depending on the size of the tree. They all come with a water pan.
  • Reusable Metal Davis Stands - These stands can be used for years to come. They have a circle base and fit a large water bucket, which is supplied. These stands vary in size and prices depending on the size of your tree. If you get a larger tree in the future years, you may bring this stand back and upgrade it to one that will fit your new tree.

Flocking and Fire Retardant

We offer flocking and fire retardant applications, these applications do take a few days to dry and require a stand.
You would need to leave your 'Perfect Tree' with us for a few days while it undergoes it's spa treatment.
Pricing for flocking and fire retardant is by foot and 8 ft or more is slightly more.

  • Flocking - This is where we apply a coating to your tree usually white, but we do have other colors available. You can choose from Heavy Flock, Medium Flock, Light Flock, or even a dusting. You can also specify to have tips only which would leave the green inner part of the tree still visible depending on the density of flocking chosen.
  • Fire Retardant - This provides a fire resistant coating to the tree, while providing that Christmas Scent. Most commercial buildings, if they allow a Real Christmas Tree, require some kind of fire retardant on the trees.