Silveyville Pumpkin Farm


September 29th, 2018

Everyday Hours

10 am to 6 pm

  • Open Rain or Shine!

  • Free Admission

  • Paved Parking

Welcome to our Pumpkin Farm!

We hope that we can give you a glimpse of the fun and enjoyment you and your family might experience here at Silveyville Pumpkin Farm. We have many pumpkins to choose from and many fun activities.

You and your families experience here at the farm is our number one priority. When you visit us we hope you have a fun learning experience. Farming is a way of life for so many and we love to be able to provide our visitors with a visual and hands on learning of just that.  After visiting our farm we hope you leave with many amazing memories and a little education about your local farming.

Silveyville Pumpkin Farm brings new activities every year to make your return experience fresh and memorable.

Last year we brought to you the New Magic Village and Magic Kingdom play areas. This year we have a done a little revamping to both of those areas and we can't wait for you to see. As always we have our Duck Pond near Silveyville Park, chickens, Nigerian goats, baby lambs and so much more.

To enhance the experience of a Farm, we have added a walking path to allow the children and adults an up-close encounter with goats, hens, roosters, lambs and possibly other farm animals.

In addition to all this , we also have a tractor pulling a grain wagon as well as the ATV Train touring the farm including the Duck Pond, Horse pasture, and calf pasture.